tarot spread for the new year


“What are your New Year’s Eve plans?” I got asked today in a store.

“Oh, not much — hanging out at home, playing with my tarot cards.”

It used to be that Halloween and New Year’s Eve were my two biggest nights for going out, dressing up, and spending a lot of time with a *lot* of people. But in the past year or so, it’s really been nice to take these big nights back for myself.

This is a spread from the Oracle of Los Angeles to help bridge 2019 and 2020 as we stand on the cusp — and so here we go!

Bridge: What to bring with you into the new year, your work as you move from one phase to another

Ace of Wands. This was a year where I had to really look and determine what’s lighting my fire — what I’m passionate about, what I care about. I need to bring that energy and oomph with me into 2020.

Your card of the year for 2019

The Chariot. The Chariot has always been in the back of my mind this year — it was a year of moving fast, making sure I kept my own agency, and that I kept my focus on the horizon.

Lessons of the card from 2019

Seven of Pentacles, reversed. This is a card that comes up a lot for me in terms of gratitude — to take a moment, step back, and reflect on what I’ve accomplished. With the reversal, it reminds me that sometimes I’ve been so head-on, so armored, that I haven’t really, truly taken my foot off the pedal to breathe and acknowledge what I’ve done.

Gifts the card brought you from 2019

The Knight of Wands. I’ve gotten closer to what makes me tick — what I care about, what gives me energy and passion. Sometimes things moved fast, but when I pinpointed what mattered to me, I went for it, and am going for it.

Work that remains to be done

Two of Wands. Ugh, the Two of Wands! This was my June 2019 card, and yes, there’s still a lot of “okay, I’m closer to what I want — but what do I really want?” And, do I really need to do it alone? No; there’s partnership as part of my growth.

Your card of the year for 2020

Strength. Strength is actually my personal card (I’m an 8-8 in the Mary K. Greer Tarot Constellations), so this is one I’ve been working with a lot. (It’s also part of why I chose the Oracle of the Muse deck, and not the Wild Unknown, for this reading — Wild Unknown puts Strength at 11.) It feels like it will be a challenging year, but also one that roots into the very essence of who I am.

Potential for growth and learning from this card

Queen of Swords, reversed. Am I the fierceness of the lion, or the care and tenderness that Strength really means? This card warns me that I can lean to the sharp, the claws — the thorns of the roses. I know that this is a year where I do need to be decisive and cut through some crap, but I also need to remember that Strength isn’t about overpowering, overthinking, and “because I said so”.

Skills to cultivate based on this card

Ace of Cups. Again, it comes back to the sweetness, the emotional core of being tender and empathetic and caring and creative with Strength. It’s going to be a decisive year, but it also has so much room for emotional growth.

How the work of this card relates to your true work / your life path

Four of Pentacles. Boy, Four of Pentacles is a tough card here — but musing on four, the building of structure, and placing it back to the Emperor (the 2020 card of the year for everyone), it’s going to be a year of reinforcing my guardrails around my time and my resources. I can’t save everyone. I can’t spend my money or my talent where it’s going to be unappreciated or undeserved. I can be caring, and tender, and a good friend to my lion, but I also can’t make that lion a tame house cat.

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