so this is the new year


I’ve been sitting on and waiting for the new year so that I could start working with my Many Moons 2020 Planner; I haven’t even brushed my hair or gotten out of my pajamas yet, but by 11:11 am I was grabbing my pen, my planner, and my RWS deck and going to work.

The planner starts with drawing your card — and I am not much more than a doodler, but thinking about how I wanted to draw Strength, the Emperor, and the Fool did help me pull them together. (By the end of it, I was writing words down and not just the pictures – ah well!)

I have a lot of goals for 2020, and a lot of calendars accordingly — I have the Google calendar which is where I truly keep everything, a pocket Moleskine planner that lives in my purse with the full intention of writing stuff down in it (and not just relying on my phone), a lunar phase wall calendar, the Many Moons planner, and a big wall calendar to go through and start planning for the big events 2020 is going to bring (!).

So I’m putting structure in place, making sure that my joyous bounty and creativity and “oh I want this, I want that” is given the best chance to flourish instead of burn out.

And while I pulled a card of the month (the Queen of Swords, AGAIN — clearly I need to listen to her!) and a three card spread to kick off January in Many Moons, I decided not to re-shuffle before picking my card of the day for today. Sure enough, look who showed up on the first day of the new year.

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