rainy full moon


It’s the last full moon of the decade, it’s rainy, and I have a night on my own. I lit some incense (yeah!), a moon magic candle (yeah!), and watered all of my houseplants, some of which are sadder than others (oops).

I also decided to pull some cards — no particular spread in mind, no questions or themes, just six cards to see how they flowed together, and what they had to say to me today.

What’s interesting is that every single “pip” card — the cards between the aces and the tens — pulled reverse for me, while the major arcana and the court card (in Wild Unknown, the “Son” is the equivalent of the Knight) were the only two that showed up in the standard position. What that’s pulling me is — the key guiding forces, the boundaries of the Emperor and the emotional energy of the Son/Knight of Cups, are more dominant right now, while the minor energies of the pips are all a bit more of a struggle right now. I have two fives — Pentacles and Wands — which are struggle cards, while the Four and Nine of Cups show that there’s still emotional stuff going on. All those upside-down cups…

The Five of Pentacles isn’t one I’ve spent a lot of time with with the Wild Unknown, so I’m immediately drawn to look at it a little more closely. Since this is a card about seeking help, the wilting rose in need of care really evokes the heavy-head of quiet shame at needing that help — but we all need help sometimes.

So yes — things have been a little tough in the day-to-day of the minor arcana, but I’m quietly building the structure of the Emperor in my life. And hey — 2020 is an Emperor year, so here we go.

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