hermit season


Or, in other words, “cozy” season. The heater’s on, my comfy slippers and hoodie have been on constantly, and it’s happened more than once that I haven’t seen a single human face in person other than my partner all day.

I’m also taking some time to focus back on my guiding stars — after a Tower-y fall, I’m tiptoeing against the edge of the glow of the Star while leaning into the Hermit.

I also am taking baby baby steps into building out my tarot ~presence~; while I’m not ready to truly read for clients yet, I quietly decided on my tarot Instagram handle and promptly put my online stake in the ground. I’m excited but also wary — I have a lot of thoughts about monetizing my interests, and turning hobbies to hustles, so I’m proceeding as a “maybe someday”, but also as another place to store and share my tarot images and thoughts.

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