rosy lens


How do I solve my cups problems? I throw pentacles at them.

Yesterday I went to my local indie bookstore and picked up two new tarot books as well as the Lioness Oracle Tarot deck. I’ve been circling around this deck for a while; the art is so stunning and juicy that you can’t look away from it. I came close last fall but hesitated; yesterday I felt the pull. Since she’s local (yeah!), I knew that her deck was being carried at the local store. Hoping it wasn’t sold out (especially since the first printing sold out recently!), I stopped by and snagged it.

After a long, long shuffle and rearrange, I finally pulled my daily card and there was the High Priestess, right on top. My intuition is right there with me; all the secrets and knowledge from inside are here. It felt really good to get that reinforcement and that little bit of a secret promise from a new deck, right away.

I’m really looking forward to adding this to my side-by-sides and into my practice!

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