where did the spring go?

It’s been just about two months since I last posted, which is way longer than I anticipated/planned. (I took this photo in February, so that *really* tells you how long it’s been.)

It took me a while to unpack my cards and my office; there’s definitely an energy shift in the new room that I’m struggling with a little, to the point that I hired a professional organizer to take a look at the room and help me get it together. But as it is, it’s kind of a mess and my head is kind of a mess in there. I’ll get there eventually.

I had a really good reading and took a workshop in May, so that helped kickstart me a little bit, but there’s definitely been an adjustment period back into my routines that’s kept me away from my cards a bit.

Finally, I went ahead and bought myself a new deck — the Smith-Waite Centennial deck in a tin — since the yellow box RWS was getting really banged around in my purse, and I wanted something more portable. We’re still getting to know each other (I bought it on vacation, so I didn’t have my whole getting-to-know-you/cleanse-you etc. stuff handy), so it’ll be a while for it to warm up.

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