I keep thinking, I need to write something, I need to write something. But it’s been hard to get myself to the computer.

I’ve been pulling my daily cards and have been doing a specific spread (that I made up!) for the past few days. I’m getting Ace of Pentacles repeatedly — it was my daily card two days in a row, and then it showed up in my spread two days in a row. So it’s showed up four times in two different decks over three days.

Which I guess means I need to be thinking about my body, my physical place in the world, my talent, my tangible things, my money. My time.

I’ve been thinking about getting a new RWS deck — the pale colors of the Centennial are so pretty! — but I’m finding that my original one (that one I thought was mad at me) isn’t mad at me — just really honest. And when I really want to look for answers that come easily — instead of hemming and hawing over numbers or artwork or “is my interpretation right”, the RWS is there pretty quickly, which is nice.

Gotta just keep soaking up that experience, that knowledge, like water and sun.

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