Is there anything more perfect for Ten of Wands than “I totally meant to do this yesterday but I didn’t have time”?

Yesterday I finished my first tarot journal — I started it last January, stopped (gee!), and then picked it up again when tarot classes started in October. It’s got multiple readings, my class notes, and my daily cards. I have a bad habit of only writing on the right side of the open book, so I actually went back and wrote in the left side to fill in all of the gaps until the book was done. I am very proud of myself — I never finish notebooks! I never write on the left side! — and immediately started my second tarot journal today.

Anyway, the Ten of Wands is one of the minor arcana cards that comes up for me a lot, so it’s something I have to keep in mind and try to keep in check. Yesterday proved to be a very Ten of Wands day (multiple meetings, several “can you get to this today” emails, a to-do list that was unfinished, walking to the gym in the rain, getting home at 8:30 pm, not finishing dinner until almost 10 pm), and I couldn’t even get to writing the blog post that I had totally planned to do to celebrate my journal success.

Sheesh. Ten of Wands, man.

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