rainy day elemental spread

It’s the first real storm of 2019 this weekend, and I spent almost an hour out in it — my coat soaked through, my shoes squishy (and hopefully not ruined), my leather purse dark with rain. Once I finally got home, I dried off a bit and then pulled out my cards.

Yesterday in class, we received an elemental balancing spread — a five card spread with the four cardinal points (East/Air/Swords, South/Fire/Wands, West/Water/Cups, North/Earth/Pentacles), and a major arcana, tallying up the numbers, for the center Spirit card. Yesterday’s pull was both disappointing and revealing to me — all four of my cardinal direction cards were cards from my 12-month pull, so all it really revealed to me was a desperate need for a deeper shuffle.

Also, we’re in the midst of a new moon, so instead of hunting down a new moon spread, I figured I’d try this one again.

Again, the deck is the Wanderer’s Tarot; I used the companion bandanna to help direct.

Air/East/Swords – Intellect & Thoughts. The Magician, reversed. I need to reflect on my tools and my skills, especially my intellectual ones. Am I using what I have? Is there more potential for me?

Fire/South/Wands – Creativity & Passion. The Hierophant, reversed. Instead of following a well-traveled and traditional path, I should be following my heart and my intuition, going my own way.

Water/West/Cups – Emotions & Feelings. Nine of Moons (Cups), reversed. I can’t say this one is due to a bad shuffle, since it’s a completely different deck. While I’m feeling overall good about my emotional state, there’s still some work to be done — I’m not fully there (that penultimate energy of the nines),  but also not fully satisfied either.

Earth/North/Pentacles – Body & Material. Three of Stones (Pentacles), reversed. I’m not feeling quite as supported in the material world — whether that’s money, the community I’m in, or my body itself — there’s something off.

Tallying up the cards — 1, 5, 9, and 3 — added up to 18, which I… then reduced down to 9, the Hermit, when I did this reading, but on writing this out (whoops), I realize I shouldn’t have reduced, but used the Moon instead. Maybe it was my intuition choosing the Hermit over the Moon, especially after a solo quiet day in the rain; I’m not sure. But:

Spirit. The Hermit. A time for solitary reflection and knowledge-seeking; not loneliness, but time alone to read, write, think, and reflect.

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