rise & grind

The week between Christmas and New Year’s has been (for the past two years) really nice and quiet, a time to reflect and focus on myself and my goals. I spent this year setting up this blog (heyo!), getting some walks in, taking some photos, and doing the most writing I’ve done in… a long time.

And now… I’m back to work.

I’m going to do my best to keep up my morning card draws, because that’s really the best way for me to learn, but today in particular was both challenging (I slept in more than I should have and was running late) and exciting.

I pulled the reversed Nine of Cups from my Wild Unknown deck — a weak spot, since we’re actually covering Cups and Pentacles tomorrow in tarot class — so, in the interest of time, I peeked at the Wild Unknown book, but had a feeling I already knew what it was. Since Wild Unknown only shares upright/standard definitions (which — I think I’ll have to get into another day), I had to quickly guess and jot down the reverse. “Okay, happiness, etc. etc. — but it’s a nine so it’s penultimate, I’m not fully there, and it’s reversed, so I’m not satisfied with what I have.” I then double-checked via the Golden Thread app (also another post for another day), confirmed that I was on the right track and then had to bolt out the door.

So hey, for a quickie “running out the door, can you come up with the definition for this card real fast”, I’m pretty impressed with my deduction. I’m getting there!


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