ending, beginning

It’s December 31, the end of the calendar year! It’s also the end of my first real year of studying tarot — which I started a little sluggishly in January 2018. I’m looking forward to going deeper in 2019 — and will have more to say about that tomorrow.

Today at 11:11 am (woo!), I did the Twelve-Month Four-Quarter Projections reading from Benebell Wen; I’ll be reviewing these cards throughout the year month-by-month to see if the arc of the year does follow the cards.

This is the Wanderer’s Tarot deck, which is the deck I use most for personal readings. The basil is the same four sprigs of basil from my garden; the rose quartz is from my tarot teacher. The candle is the Spitfire Girl Energy Clearing candle, which is one of my favorites.

January: The World

February: Three of Feathers (Wands)

March: Goddess of Knives (Queen of Swords), reversed

April: The High Priestess

May: The Devil, reversed

June: Two of Feathers (Wands)

July: Ace of Knives (Swords), reversed

August: Four of Knives (Swords), reversed

September: Three of Stones (Pentacles)

October: Wanderer of Stones (Knight of Pentacles)

November: Five of Feathers (Wands), reversed

December: Eight of Knives (Swords)



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