a bunch o’ basil

It’s been windy lately, and I’ve been very… indoors… lately, so it took me until today to notice that my basil plant had fallen off of its perch and on top of one of my sage plants. I don’t know if it was knocked or blown or what, but a lot of the sprigs were broken enough to warrant just taking ’em all off the plant.

I took them inside and stuck them in a mason jar, as one does, and thought, okay, how can I relate this back to tarot for today?

Turns out I have four sprigs of basil here, and, looking at the associations from Arin Murphy-Hiscock’s “The Green Witch”, we have:

Basil: love, trust, abundance, prosperity, courage, discipline, protection, marriage, purification, luck, mental abilities

Sounds like Four of Wands to me!

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